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New to Chuggington? Visit the parents section to learn more about this exciting animated TV series and the life lessons embedded in each story.

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Visit the official Chuggington website for games, episode clips, videos about the characters, activities, and more!

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Megabuild Junction

Combine sets to build higher

Go to Megabuild Junction for instructions and inspiration to combine your StackTrack and die-cast sets!


Chuggington Die-Cast Playsets

The new Chuggington Die-Cast playsets feature track that is engineered for height, stability, and sturdy connections, letting you build taller than ever before. Every action-packed set can be built multiple ways and includes a track piece to connect your new sets to your other Chuggington Die-Cast sets.



These collectible Chuggington engines feature durable die-cast construction and sturdy magnetic connections.


Chuggington Die-Cast Accessories

Want to build even higher? Expand your Chuggington world with these track expansion packs.


Tallest Toy Train Track Guinness World RecordsĀ®
TOMY's Chuggington StackTrack

Get a behind the scenes look at TOMY's GUINNESS WORLD RECORDSĀ® title for Tallest Toy Train Track! Join in on the excitement, meet the team, and watch the ceremony at Grand Central Terminal in New York City in May 2013.